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StressGard Night-Time Dental Guard

Made of 100% free BPA and Phthalate Monoprene.

The Comfortable, easy-fit Night-Time Dental Guard

Teeth grinding and clenching relief has now arrived. Orthodontically developed in the USA, StressGard has proven itself to be effective in protecting the teeth and jaw from the effects of teeth grinding and clenching, a problem commonly known as bruxism.

The StressGard Night-Time Dental Guard has been designed with a patented flexible groove to help you deal with the daily stress and tension that may cause you to clench and grind your teeth.

Simply place the StressGard between the upper and lower lip and the bite tabs between your upper and lower teeth.

It can also be used on your lower teeth. Simply flip the StressGard over and place between your lower lip and bottom teeth and once again bite tabs between your upper and lower teeth.

  1. Protects teeth from grinding and clenching

  2. Orthodontic design

  3. No boiling or moulding needed

  4. One size fits all

  5. Ready to use

  6. Cost effective & convenient